Operations Monitoring Center

TBJS Radio Network Operations Monitoring Center

This page is to provide reliable information in severe weather conditions, disasters, or any other situations affecting engineering. This information is public, but you may need an Federal Communication Commission-issued license to use certain services. 

Current Traffic Conditions

This map covers the area that is monitored during severe weather, issues with traffic conditions, and other activities that maybe considered as potential problems.

Current Weather Conditions

By default, the “Wind” direction setting is displayed. Click on the weather condition in the upper right hand corner and a menu will expand open that will allow you to choose different settings that allow you to view other current conditions.

Monitored Frequencies

ServiceLicenseFrequency InputTone OutTone In Alpha TagDescription
Ham RadioN5NHU 145.41000 144.8100088.5 PL88.5 PL145.410Le Flore County Repeater
Ham RadioW5CUQ444.62500449.6250088.5 PL88.5 PLTulsa Amateur Radio Club -- McAlester Repeater
Ham RadioW5CUQ444.97500449.9750088.5 PL88.5 PLPCARC -- UHF Repeater (McAlester)
Ham RadioW5BBS146.91000146.3100088.5 PLSevere Weather Spotters (Tulsa)
Ham Radio146.64000146.04000FSAARC MtnFSAARC, Cavanal Mtn Area
Ham Radio146.94000 FSAARCFSAARC, Fort Smith Area
Ham Radio442.25000 447.25000 Skywrn Mtn.Skywarn - Secondary (Cavanal Mountain)
Ham Radio444.50000Cavl MtnFSAARC Cavanal Mtn. Area
Ham Radio444.92500449.92500SkyWrn 2ndSkywarn - Secondary
National Weather Service162.550Fort Smith (Le Flore County FIPS 040079)
National Weather Service162.450Broken Bow (Le Flore County FIPS 040079)

Tools & Info

Skywarn Training Card (what to report)

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