Media Kit

Among the findings in the study, 62 percent of the United States’ 12+ population are now weekly online audio listeners. 28% of the population are weekly podcast listeners, with the audience more diverse. Smart speaker ownership has risen to 33% of Americans 12+, up from 7 percent in 2017. Of those who own at least one smart speaker, 34 percent of those have three or more devices in their household. 88% of Americans 12+ own a smartphone, another year of growth from 85% last year. Tablet (51%) and smartwatch (18%) ownership have plateaued, meaning the smartphone is by far most popular device for media consumption.  – Edison Research and Triton Digital’s “Infinite Dial 2021”  

TBJS Radio Network Media Kit

We invite you to read through our media kit thoroughly so you don’t miss all that we have to offer any business. We can custom make an advertising campaign to fit just about any sized of a budget. Considering all the services we have to offer across three different websites, we’re bound to have something your business could benefit from. 


Both: Near and Far

    When you think of online radio, your first thought is “nobody listens” or “if I want a jukebox, I can listen to my phone.” Truth is, TBJS Radio Network isn’t that at all. We get listeners from all over the world, including our military soldiers serving overseas looking for a simple taste of home. Things like that is what makes good radio: Being Local.

    TBJS Radio Network is a LOCAL online radio station based in Poteau, Oklahoma that runs like a normal radio station. The only major difference is how we reach our audience. We may not be easily accessible as turning on your car stereo, but we reach out farther to more people. Plus, we can be heard on our Android App. We can also be heard across many other platforms including Amazon Alexa (using our skill), our Roku Channel, TuneIn, iTunes, Vtuner devices, as well as your landline. Our affiliates list is on our website.



Social Media – As it seems each day, more and more businesses are jumping onto social media to help push their products and services. We use platforms like Facebook, Audioboom, Soundcloud, and Twitter for several reason, allowing our audience to interact with us while they listen to TBJS Radio Network.


TBJS Radio Network Website – If you have visited TBJS Radio Network website (, you may have noticed there is room for banners. This is another way for your business, product, or service to be displayed. For a small fee, we can put your business in view of our listeners, letting them know more about your best asset,….you!


The Big John Show Website – The TBJS website ( gets a lot of traffic. We provide a wide range of information that our listeners cannot seem to get enough of, ranging from Country music news, TBJS Calendar of events, and to our blog, there is something for everyone to see. In addition, why not have them see your business, product, or service advertised or sponsoring that information?


Advertising Audio Production

Let’s say you’re not looking to advertise with us, but you need an advertisement made to be heard on another radio station, website, or background on a presentation. Well we can still help! Whether you need help with radio station imaging, an extra voice, or radio Ads to promote your goods and services, we have a quick turn-a-round of 24 to 48 hours (but don’t usually take that long). Once you’ve paid for the ad, it’s yours for life! No royalties, no extra fees for use on multiple places.  

…And if you DO decide to advertise with TBJS Radio, if we need to create your radio ad, it will cost an additional ONE TIME $5.00 production fee to each new audio produced, no matter the size (:15, :30, :60, ect…)


Live Events

Anytime we broadcast a live event on TBJS Radio Network, that is a great opportunity to get your business known. When technically and geographically allowed, along with written permission from promoters and venues, we can broadcast play-by-play sporting events, shows, and concerts.


TBJS Radio Network Facebook Live – This allows everyone to see what we can do at LIVE events and gives some behind-the-scene clips. This also offers visual advertising opportunities for your goods or services (i.e. utilizing “Product Placement”).


Lower Advertising Cost

Now here is the bottom line: we do not have the high cost as over-the-air radio. Nor do we want you to waste your money on methods and techniques that has less of a chance succeeding as winning the Mega Millions Lotto. For example: most AM / FM radio stations will eventually try to sell you a “Remote Broadcast” (broadcast from your business for about 2-3 hours to attract customers). Usually, something like that will cost you about $400 to $500. Those usually have about a 50% chance of success, depending on the event, weather conditions, and business. You could use that money instead to advertise on TBJS for a much longer time than 2 or 3 hours.

TBJS Radio Network – “The BIGGEST dot com in Arklahoma”

Here is the average cost of other stations within our market (Fort Smith, AR)

  • Line 1 compares the cost of 24 ads with us to the average cost on AM/FM Radio
  • Line 2 compares the cost of 48 ads with us to the average cost on AM/FM Radio
  • Line 3 compares the cost of 96 ads with us to the average cost on AM/FM Radio
  • Line 4 compares the cost of 192 ads with us to the average cost on AM/FM Radio
  • Line 5 compares the cost of 385 ads with us to the average cost on AM/FM Radio
  • Line 6 compares the cost of a remote broadcast with us to the average cost on AM/FM Radio
  • Line 7 compares the cost of a single :30 ad with us to the average cost on AM/FM Radio


**Live Event Remote Broadcast does not include travel expenses. Travel is $50.00 for the first 50 miles from station studio. After that, each mile is $1.00 (i.e. 75 miles = $75.00 plus remote fee.) Any distance over 200 miles, client is subject to food and lodging expenses.

Contact us today and ask about our ad packages. We have several to choose from that will save you money and help your business in the long run.

Making Dollars with Sense

This section is filled with more details that you might want to study closely so that you don’t miss something.

Added Features & Prices

On-Air Features – Depending on your industry, we can have your advertising heard during a specific feature (i.e. category below):

  • The Big John Show News Minute

** Demo’s available per request**

These air 8 times daily!

  • One Week Schedule – $2.00
  • Two Weeks Schedule – $4.00
  • Three Weeks Schedule – $6.00
  • Four Weeks Schedule – $8.00

* The Big John Show News Minute is 60 seconds long PLUS the length of your commercial.

TBJS Radio Player (Visual) – If you go to our website (, you can view our player while listening to TBJS Radio Network. Each person could see your banner ad right there on our player! It is a great way for people to see your business advertised. (not exclusive)

Sizes we offer include:

  • Mid-page unit banner (300 x 250 pixels)
  • Phone-sized banner (320 x 50 pixels)
  • Leaderboard banner (728 x 90 pixels)
  • Tablet-sized banner (728 x 90 pixels)
  • MPU mobile 2x banner (300 x 250 pixels)
  • Web player top button (114 x 84 pixels)* 

*Top Button’s do not rotate with other ads, not geo-targeted, and are a separate price rate.

  • Mid-page unit banner – $2.50 (Weekly)
  • Phone-sized banner – $2.50 (Weekly)
  • Leaderboard banner – $2.50 (Weekly)
  • Tablet-sized banner – $2.50 (Weekly)
  • MPU mobile 2x banner – $2.50 (Weekly)
  • Web Player Top Button – $5.00 (Weekly)

*These options are not exclusive. Options can be combined at additional cost. Client must supply the banner ad – banner sizes on right.

TBJS Radio Network Studio Line – Another way for our listeners to know about your business is to have them hear about it when they call our studio line number! We offer our studio line to be sponsored by your business (i.e. exclusive for a period of time). We will let listeners know our studio is “Powered by…” your business. This will include promos, liners, and live mentions on air. We will also include this on our listener line voice message when callers are sent to our voice mail. This will help get your business out to our listeners.

  • One Week – $5.00 (per availability only)

Desktop Player Features

On-Air Products – Depending on your business, we can have your advertising heard and seen with our desktop player features:

  • Video Pre-roll Ads – $5.00 (Weekly)
  • Banner Pre-roll** – $5.00 (Weekly)
  • Audio Pre-roll** – $5.00 (Weekly)
  • Radio Buttons (Up To 6 Available)
  • Various Banner Sizes
  • Deals And Coupons Section
  • On-Demand Audio & Video Section
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Facebook Posts
  • Twitter Posts
  • YouTube Listing

** = 300×250 Companion Banner Additional $2.50 Weekly.

Audio and Video Pre-roll – We can insert a captivating high-quality audio or video pre-roll before the live stream starts. As soon as the player loads, it will automatically start a 586×320 video with a 300×250 companion banner or play an audio pre-roll with a 300×250 companion banner to the right side. Play a: 15, :30, or even :45 video or audio feed that listeners cannot skip. Once the audio or video pre-roll finishes, it will start playing the live stream. With geo-targeting abilities, pre-rolls can be set to display globally to one or more countries, only in the US, or outside the US, or selected DMA’s. Rotate audio and video pre-rolls in a mix with multiple ads.

Banner Pre-roll – Use Banner pre-rolls to give listeners the ability to skip to the live stream. As soon as the player loads, it will display a banner within the player for 15 seconds, showing a countdown and an “X” that gives the listener the ability to skip. Once the timer runs out or the “X” is clicked, the live audio will begin. Banners can be 300×250 or 728×90 and can be set to display globally to one or more countries, only the US, outside the US, or selected DMA’s.

*Each item listed above is per space availability.* 


Added Features & Prices (continued)

Display Banners – Each banner is never hidden from a listener’s sight. Banners can be set to display globally to one or more countries, only in the US, only outside the US, or selected DMA’s. Run banners on a rotation schedule with multiple advertisements, or dedicate one spot for one advertisement. Want to sponsor a specific radio show or segment? We can set up the day and time to display the banner!

Six Web Player Top Buttons – We have six buttons can be set at the top of the player to either link to another website, or content on our player. These buttons are sold for a premium, as they are constant on the player. These buttons offer a dedicated link to your website or page within the player that has more information about your business (i.e. coupons).

Sponsorship Opportunities –

  • “Takeover” background for our players
  • Logo Placement (Top Left Corner)
  • Content Sections
  • “This Station Is Powered By…”
  • On Demand Content
  • Live Content

Deals & Coupons Features

Printable Coupons – As part of your advertising campaign, we can upload a large-sized coupon image or PDF onto our player for our listeners to print. ($5.00 Weekly)

Affiliate / Sponsor / Advertiser Links Similar to digital coupons, we can place an image or text describing special offers, sales or events – link it to your business website to open in a new browser window. ($5.00 Weekly)

Digital Coupons & Coupon Codes – Enter the text of the coupon code along with its offer, and optionally link it to open a new browser window if you like. ($5.00 Weekly)

QR Codes For Mobile Devices Route our listeners to a coupon or site by a QR Code image. Our listeners can scan with their mobile device and be auto directed to your web page. ($5.00 Weekly)

Special Offers – We can insert text, images, flyers or banners describing special offers, contests, and giveaways. We can change these daily, weekly, or monthly. ($5.00 Weekly)

We love giving our listeners a reason to come back to our player. One way to do that is by offering value-incentive coupons and deals. If you want to be an advertiser on our player, it is important to provide loyalty to our listeners by sharing coupons and special deals that may only be available via our player. This feature is especially useful if you are only offering a certain deal to just our listeners. We can promote these deals or coupons on-air by telling the listeners they can find the deals by going to your player.

We make advertising with us easy as possible. After all, being a sponsor is your chance to be creative and the possibilities are endless! That is why we are known as the BIGGEST dot com in Arklahoma!

Android App Player Features

On-Air Products – Depending on your business, we can have your advertising heard during a specific feature (categories below):

  • Shoutouts
  • On-Demand Audio**
  • Visual Flow Ads (300×250)
  • Various Social Media
  • Youtube Channel

** = On-demand ads can be placed before and after audio**

Visual Flow Ads – We can have your ad displayed for our listeners to see. Each person could see your banner ad right there on our app player! It’s a great way for people to see your business and the contact information. **Client must supply the banner ads. Sizes listed above.

On Demand Audio – Another way for our listeners to know about your business is to have them hear about it when they listen to our on-demand content! We can have your :15, :30, or :60 audio heard before and / or after out content is played. If you wish to sponsor a segment or feature, we can place your ad right into the content. This will help get your business out to our listeners.  

TBJS Radio Network Landlines – A couple of the many ways our listeners can still listen even when they don’t have data or a wifi connection available is by calling our landline phone numbers. We have listeners who may not have the luxury of unlimited data, but have unlimited minutes with their smart phone, work lines, or house phone. They dial into these special phone numbers to hear our station. Each caller / listener can hear our station, more importantly, your audio advertisement. It is a great way for people to hear about your business even when they do not have a data or wifi connection. ($5.00 Weekly)


What’s on TBJS Radio Network?

The Big John Show

The Big John Show is heard weekdays 10am – 2pm CDT and re-played at 10pm – 2am weeknights on TBJS Radio Network. Big John covers a wide range of topics from stupid criminals to artist news to news of the day. His show features “The Big John Show News Minute” .

When Big John is not doing skits, contests, or talking, he is listening to his audience on the phone. Big John takes live calls on the air, thus making the listener part of the show! The Big John Show is 100% interactive with its audience using social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and

Bravo Sierra with Big John

Big John hosts a weekly one hour LIVE talk show, “Bravo Sierra with Big John”, every Thursday at 7pm (Replay Sunday @ 7pm). Just talking current events and topics that don’t get heard in the mainstream, added with a twist of common sense and truth.


Red Dirt Road Trip

The Red Dirt Road Trip is a show (originally a feature of The Big John Show) that plays nothing but Red Dirt / Texas Country mixed with a little Outlaw Country that airs weeknights at 9pm CDT. It is a one hour show where listeners can email, shoutout (via app), or use the RDRT Facebook page to submit their requests to be played on the Red Dirt Road Trip.


 “It’s all about the Music”

Our listeners enjoy the wide variety of music we play, which include a range of local artists, independent, Red Dirt / Texas Country, Outlaws, and some of the more Traditional Nashville Artists of today. We also like to play the classics! We let our listeners make requests via our social media, email, website, and by phone.

Various Events & Specials

Occasionally, we have specials that air on TBJS Radio Network. We also get to air Artist “Album World Premiere’s” when their record labels have them available for us.

Live Events – In the past, we’ve been able to broadcast live events such as regional independent Wrestling organization, Southern Alliance Wrestling, based in Cedarville, AR that puts on family fun wrestling shows all over Arklahoma for various non-profit organizations to help them raise money and goods that go back to the community. Other live events include paid remotes and appearances.

Album World Premiere Specials – Sometimes record companies send us “Album Premiere Specials” which allow us to let our listeners hear new music from an artist upcoming album along with interviews, a behind the scene look, and other info to play on air. As soon as we get the opportunity, we immediately open it up to potential sponsors who would be interested in getting their advertising heard by our listeners. (Replays available)

Holiday Specials – Depending on what time of the year, we air 2 to 4 hour radio specials on TBJS Radio Network. As soon as we get the opportunity, we immediately open it up to potential sponsors who would be interested in getting their advertising heard by our listeners.

**Some Events / Specials may be offered “Exclusive”.

What’s on TBJS Radio Network – Weekends?

Engage agile and finally think outside the box. Considering transformation mapping with the possibility to take this offline. Amplifying user engagement while remembering to create synergy. Build above the fold and possibly go viral.


“Covered” is a show about Country Artists covering other Artists music, no matter the genre. Listeners can make their request via email, shoutout (app), or social media. This show airs Saturday nights at 7pm CDT.


CDTex Radio Show  (Syndicated)

The CD TEX Radio Show is a Texas, Country and Red-Dirt format, which features songs by many of today’s popular, as well as new, artists. Each week “The Cowboy” Bobby Lopez hosts the 2-hour show which features current singles from the CD Tex Music Delivery Service plus Texas and Red-Dirt classics and recurrent along with interviews, and music news. This show airs Saturday Nights at 9pm CDT.

Want Something Different?

As mentioned earlier, we do provide a wide variety of services. One of those is a project called “Pornaudiography”. It is a site that offers show prep for air talent to help come up with topics to talk about during their show. Very little on the politics and news with more focus on the side of “well, that’s interesting”. It is prepared and ready before the morning rush begins. In addition, you do not have to be in the radio industry to understand it. See if for yourself at and ask how to advertise your business!




The Big John Show

The Big John Show is heard weekdays from 10am – 2pm CT (re-play from 10pm – 2am CT) on TBJS Radio Network. Hosted by “Big John” Horton, it’s a unique show that goes in a different direction than most programs heard on terrestrial radio and online. If your looking for something different that stands out, you are in the right place.


Our services include show prep and custom audio production that can be used by anyone. The topics we use in our show prep service are current and not taken from fake news sites or questionable sources. Our custom sound works we create that you can download onto your smart devices or on your computer for your amusement and entertainment.

TBJS Radio Network

We are THE online Country radio station folks in Southeast Oklahoma turn to that provides information and entertainment with our unique programming including Specials, LIVE event broadcasts, music from some modern Country, yesterday’s favorites, with more focus on Red Dirt / Texas Country, and the Outlaws we’ve grown to love! We are LOCALLY owned and operated. We are heard online, the TBJS Radio Network App, and on our Roku Channel.

We appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you soon!

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